Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Day at the Farm

Yesterday, we had a family fun-filled day at Myuna Farm in Doveton, Vic. The kids had been invited there by our neighbours for a party, so as you can imagine, lots of sugar-filled treats and running around. We tried to be good parents, so we took water and juice for our kids, so they wouldn't ask for fizzy drink and we let them have treats but only after having eaten something substantial (in this case, party sausage rolls, nutella sandwiches LOL - not really ideally healthy but better than just chips and cake). But they had a ball. Lana and Jude both enjoyed their very first pony ride. Here are just a few photos.

Then today I finished my layout for one of the challenges over at Jolene's store - Crafting in Style. Loved playing with the new Bam Pop, and also loved recording these words that I'm sure Jude will love to hear about when he is older. For those of you who haven't met Jude - Bobots = Robots, Melmo = Elmo, "Rora" = Dora the Explorer, and then a few other words he can say are "Hat", "More", "Hair" and then most other things are still just the starting sound like "Aaa" for Ash, and so on. So cute though. Just love listening to his chatter.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! Oh, by the way, Danielle has created a couple of absolutely fantastic Class Kits over at Kiti Q, so if kits are your thing - please go and check it out!

K xx

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  1. Hi Kelly - looks like you had a fabbo family time on Sat - love those fun family photos - sure we will see some on a layout :-)
    Love that layout you created for the CIS CC... Have a good week and "talk" soon.


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