Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm Going to Sydney..

Not for a little while yet, but I am SO EXCITED!! Danielle and I are heading up there for the Crafting Connection 2007 "Freestyle Downunder" weekend, which is the last weekend in April. This will not only be my first time at a huge scrapping weekend/getaway but also my first weekend away from both my littlies. Also Rhonna Farrer, Emily Falconbridge, Tia Bennett and Nic Howard are teaching classes, as well as Kim Henkel and Wendy Redshaw-Bruhns. Now I'll just have to limit myself to how many classes to take.....it's going to be tricky... and I better start saving too...ok, am officially now on a scrapbooking supplies diet....lets see how long that lasts - he he :-)

Have a great evening :-)
K xx


  1. you lucky girl kelly. have fun. good luck on the no shopping side of it to save money.

  2. you lucky duck...im so jealous...LOL
    I cant wait to see what you create


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