Friday, January 20, 2012

Pin It? Make It! : Dying Glass Jars

Hello there!

Are you here to have a share, or just a peek, of what Pinterest has inspired some of us to do?

Welcome, either way :-)

With a party I was hosting on the weekend, and a whole lot of jars that I'd asked friends to collect, I really wanted to give this 'dying glass' thing a go. I pinned this which then lead me to a blog called 'Creative Little Daisy', where Autum shared the how-to tutorial.

I had a couple of 'oops' moments (my not-reading-the-instructions-properly fault, not the tutorial's), but the end product left me happy enough.

Although next time, baking the glass jars the right way up will definitely be the way to go.
Live and learn, hey? :-)

If you feel like joining in, please link up below, and I will pop by to see what everyone has been up to.  There is also a 'Pin It? Make It!' blog button up there on the left, if you feel like using it.

Happy pinning, my friends


  1. I just wemnt through my crafty pins and realised that I haven't really tried doing any of them... that's terrible!!! Right...I will get onto it for next time :)

    Your jars look gorgeous!

  2. oooh, i made something and took a photo of it (it was a food-related pin), but don't have a post to share yet. i'll get one ready and link it up once it's done!

  3. alright, i've posted a project i did a few weeks ago. just to get this linky started. the project was pinterest inspired, so that should be okay, right?
    i love this challenge idea, kelly. keep it up even if it might need a few times to really get going!


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